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Keyword searches look for terms anywhere in the Title, Author, Subject, and Content fields.
Multiple words are searched anywhere in a record, not necessarily next to each other.
Example : food france
Phrase Searches Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Words enclosed in quotes will appear together in all results exactly as typed.
Example : "birth order"
Wildcards Words may be right-hand truncated using an asterisk. '*' for 1-5 characters, '**' for open-ended truncation, '?' to replace a single character anywhere within a word.
Examples : environment* polic*, comput**, wom?n
Boolean Operators Use "and" or "or" to specify multiple words in any field, any order. Use "and not" to exclude words.
Example : stocks and bonds
Example : (alaska or canada) and (adventure and not vacation)
Proximity Operators Use "near" to specify terms within 10 words of each other, in any order.
Example : california near university

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